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Effects Of Electrosmog

Stress hormones and electromagnetic fields

Those exposed to strong electromagnetic fields also have elevated levels of adrenaline. Adrenaline is the "flight-or-fight" hormone produced in the adrenal glands. Blake Levitt, author of Electrical Fields, says, "Prolonged, chronic stress damages every bodily function, including the reproductive system. 

Subliminal stress can impair fertility and increase blood pressure, which in turn can lead to heart disease and strokes and weaken the immune system.

Even brief periods of exposure to EMR, such as regular wireless phone use during the course of a day, can trigger spikes in hormone production."


Electrosmog can lead to elevated cortisol levels

The other stress hormone is cortisol, which kicks into action during sustained stress. It is also produced in the adrenal glands and plays a role in glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, release of insulin, inflammation, regulation of hormone balance and the immune system.

Cortisol levels also affect performance and memory. The discovery that electromagnetic radiation leads to increased levels of cortisol in the body is hardly surprising.


Electrosmog can cross the blood-brain barrier

The blood-brain barrier is a special filter in the brain's blood vessels that prevents dangerous chemicals from entering the brain's delicate tissues and breaking down DNA structures. Near-field radiation is able to overcome this barrier, allowing toxic chemicals to enter the brain unhindered.


Genetic damage caused by electrosmog

Near-field radiation also plays a role in DNA damage. Micronuclei have been found in many blood tests of patients using cell phones. (DNA fragments with a membrane surrounding them that serve no physiological purpose) Micronuclei develop when the cell can no longer repair itself and points to genetic damage. When brain cells are no longer able to repair themselves, tumors can form.

Even more troubling, the presence of micronuclei can also point to other health disorders, such as a vulnerable immune system, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism and Alzheimer's disease. Since the body's major glands (pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus) are located in the brain, severe disruption of the hormonal messenger system may stem from excessive cell phone use.


The pineal gland protects against disease

In our brain there is a light-sensitive endocrine gland, the pineal gland or epiphysis, which is about the size of a pea. In past times, the pineal gland was considered a kind of mystical, all-seeing third eye. It is now clear that the pineal gland, which is in fact as sensitive to light as an eye, is one of the most important glands in the body.

The pineal gland is the main producer of the hormone melatonin. It was discovered 50 years ago and is now hailed as a miracle hormone that regulates many key processes in growth and health and provides powerful protection against cancer. Melatonin is produced about 90 minutes after falling asleep.

Studies have shown that blood concentrations of the hormone increase after dark, while they tend to be low during the day. The highest concentrations are found in the middle of the night.

Because the pineal gland responds to signals from the optic nerves, strong light exposure to the eyes during the night can inhibit increased nocturnal melatonin production in the affected person, reducing the average amount produced during the day. Artificial light during sleep has a much more negative effect than natural light.


Melatonin is able to increase the cytotoxicity (cell destruction ability) of the killer lymphocytes of the immune system. It is even capable of strengthening the immune system and reducing immune deficiency caused by stress.

The ability of melatonin to fight breast cancer is also expressed through its containment of two other threats that can increase cell division in the breast: the hormone prolactin, known as " epidermal growth factor ".

Melatonin also enhances the ability of vitamin D to fight tumors and stop their growth. This amplification can be between 20 and 100 times. Furthermore, melatonin acts as an aromatase inhibitor, which provides strong protection against estrogen-related cancers.

Needless to say, it is important for the body to produce adequate amounts of melatonin on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sleeping in a room that contains all of our most beloved devices - wireless phone, cell phone, digital clock, CD player, radio, computer, and television - can greatly inhibit our nightly production of melatonin.

Electromagnetic radiation is thought to exert its harmful side effects by this very route.


Electrosmog during sleep increases the risk of cancer

It is now known that melatonin secretion is disturbed at frequencies that are only slightly above the usual 50 hertz (Hz) (e.g. in Europe and Australia) or 60 Hz (e.g. in the USA). Anyone who sleeps next to a wireless phone or digital clock, or has defective wiring in the home, is exposed to constant electromagnetic radiation sufficient to stop the nightly production of melatonin.


Natural cancer protection is inhibited

Many physiological processes are either controlled or influenced by melatonin. It controls our daily rhythm and our sleeping and waking times. It also destroys free radicals particularly efficiently, ensuring that DNA synthesis and cell division proceed correctly.

Melatonin not only inhibits the release of estrogen, but also directly stops the development of breast cancer. 


Increasing risks from wireless technology

The Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to collect information about health problems caused by cell phones. Previously, most complaints were related to health problems caused by cell phones. However, for the past two years or so, complaints have increasingly been received that are caused by carrier waves from all kinds of wireless sources. The intensity of these high frequency carrier waves in the environment, is approaching the frequency emitted by cell phones.

What does this mean? It means that you and your children, regardless of whether you own a cell phone yourself, are exposed to dangerous radiation due to the proliferation of wireless technology, it directly damages your cells and affects the physiological processes in your body. There is nowhere to hide from it.

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