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Radionic Work

Radionics is a door to more consciousness on all levels!


It works with:  People, animals, plants, houses,...

Radionics is a system of alternative healing successfully applied for over 90 years, which offers you the possibility:


  • to dissolve inexplicable behavioral patterns that keep giving you the feeling of not getting ahead

  • to make you aware of unconscious life attitudes that block your success and joy of life

  • to balance unsettled mental states, such as depression, aggression or anxiety

  • Supporting your body in the elimination of toxins (e.g. heavy metals, anesthetics, medications, vaccinations, as well as elimination of parasites, bacteria and viruses

  • to dissolve blockages, which sooner or later can lead to physical illnesses


Personality - personality development:

Recognize yourself and your blockages. Find out where your strengths are, but also your weaknesses. Radionics enables you to go through your life more easily and with more energy. Ways will open up for you by themselves. Be ready and open for it.

It is possible for your consciousness to develop in a gentle and loving way. Find meaning, find back to the primordial essence of your being. Balance your lack and your surplus of energy, enjoy the harmony of your existence now.

Dissolve unexplainable behavior patterns such as life attitudes that keep making us feel like we can't get off the ground and become aware of them so that we can work on them and learn from them. 


Opening your own path

  • increase self-confidence

  • strengthen and optimize self-esteem

  • stand firmly and securely in life

  • self-knowledge

  • finding meaning, goal in life

  • optimize interpersonal relationships

  • to promote one's own abilities and strengths

  • development of consciousness

  • being the creator of your own life

  • being a channel

  • to recognize one's vocation and to live according to it

  • hold your own energy

  • recognize blockages - work on them - dissolve the blockages

  • recognize and follow your intuition

  • freeing from unnecessary ballast and blockades

  • dissolve old dogmas, thought patterns, behaviors, ....

  • protect from energy vampires; energy robbery

  • energy harmonization

  • recognize strengths and weaknesses, in order to be able to work on it purposefully

  • stress reduction

** harmonize the indeterminate, mental states such as fear, grief, aggression, ...

Hintergrund Grün .bmp

"Cold Infrared"

The combination of infrared light and red light "cold infrared" stimulates the metabolism of the cell and its processes. When stimulating the organ zones, it can excellently support various metabolic processes. Cold infrared is also used on meridian systems, acupuncture points, body zones, joints and spine.

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