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The environment determines every living being.

This was already recognized by the French physician and pharmacologist Prof. Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908).


Whether it is visible in the blood or in the history of each individual is essentially the same.

Every organism needs a healthy environment to optimally thrive and/or restore

of its body/mind/soul unity. (The own soul and family history included)


In the subtle energy body, it is conducive to detect and resolve blockages and backgrounds. 


Just as with pure water and energy (fire/wood) a tasty soup can be created, this also spoils steadily more with neglect, bad ingredients or lack of care.


Tiredness, lack of energy, heartburn, metabolic disorders, migraines, diseases of the immune system and inflammatory rheumatic diseases are just some of the symptoms that can arise due to a disturbed environment. 


It begins in the smallest and has an effect on the largest.

Let's work together to clean up your environment.

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