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PS - Wink im Leben OG - company philosophy

The hint in a new direction:                                 


Our heart-guided high moral values make us increasingly look for the SENSE of LIFE.


Life runs according to certain natural biological rhythms that maintain and strengthen our inner strength, wisdom and joy of life.


Our constantly accelerated life change does not only refer to the physical and mental area through increased pressure to perform.

Also area-wide internet connection and mobile telephones, the associated increase of the loads by frequencies, not to forget electromagnetism arising in the household, let our life sometimes proceed in faster beats and take us thus increasingly the breath. 



We support people in maintaining their vitality
their well-being and mental health,

increase and maintain their vitality.



Newly inspired, we accompany you to find back into the flow of your own rhythm, to take up the path to yourself and to get into your self-responsibility.



"This is our premise."



From the variety of possibilities, combined with ancient traditional knowledge, we offer people health-promoting support at all levels.


We accompany individuals, bosses and their employees with a concept adapted in each case to the different health stations. 


All participants can register in advance for the individual "Vital-LAAB-Stations" and enjoy the health program in groups of two and intervals of 15 - 30 minutes.

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