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Hintergrund Grün .bmp

Stimulation with colored light with PhotoBIOTIC multi color 

Color light stimulation for color puncture and chakra treatment.


  • Colors accompany us every day and they influence us more than we think.

  • Red strengthens the life forces, it increases the energy level.

  • Orange is a power source, it represents vital strength and activity.

  • Yellow represents sunlight, cheerfulness and joy of life.

  • Green is the color of the middle, calms without tiring.

  • Blue-turquoise has a calming and relaxing effect, promotes communication.

  • Indigo is the color of tranquility, reveals wholeness.

  • Purple is considered the color of the mind and spirituality, promotes mental balance.

  • White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, order, lightness and perfection.

  • Pink represents the emotional heart, gentleness and sensuality.

  • Light green symbolizes joy, success and prosperity.

  • Light blue makes it easier to visualize and dream.


For more information on color light - stimulation, see:

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