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Here we list all products, websites and order forms that we love to use ourselves and would like to recommend to you.


Detox is an important therapeutic step in today's practices. This is based on the stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract. Targeted dietary changes are part of the successful VIANESSE concept.

An important factor for their well-being is their musculature. Building this up consistently is one of the tasks of our concept. Achieve results that you have never been able to achieve before. VIANESSE is not a diet and not a medicine. It is a concept that has been successfully used by thousands for the well-being of their bodies. Simple, family friendly and can be done anywhere. (enables glutation!)​


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Detoxify with zeolite

Price on request: or +43664/3441159

The detoxification principle of medically tested

natural zeolite: The natural minerals contained in the medical natural zeolite

ultrafine have, among other things

have, among other things, the special property of selective

ion exchange and absorption of harmful substances,

such as aluminum (Al³⁺), lead (Pb²⁺), mercury (Hg²⁺),

cadmium (Cd²⁺), ammonium (NH4⁺) and histamine (C5H9N3)

to bind. Heavy metals can only be eliminated from the organism

be eliminated if they are bound.


The effect of medically tested natural zeolite is based on its special property of binding harmful substances in the intestine and thus relieving the body's own detoxification organs. As a result, not only do fewer toxins enter the body, but existing pollutants can also be eliminated through osmotic gradients and the flow balance of the active organism.

The harmful substances bound to zeolite are naturally excreted via the intestines in the stool within approx. 24 hours without burdening the metabolism

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Magnesium ReMag

Price on request: or +43664/3441159

Magnesium is an extremely important cofactor that is required for all 

700 - 800 enzyme systems in the body and is required for 

thousands of biochemical reactions in the body. 

Magnesium regulates body temperature, it produces and transports energy 

transports energy, it transports nerve signals and relaxes the muscles. 

relaxes the muscles, it is vital for the entire glucose 

glucose, fat and protein metabolism and is essential for energy 

energy production (ATP) in every cell of the body. 

necessary. Magnesium also ensures that our bones 

healthy by regulating the absorption of calcium by the bones 

and converting the inactive form of vitamin D found in body stores into the active bioavailable vitamin D form. Magnesium deficiency is responsible for hundreds of health problems. It is the most important mineral in the human organism.


Mineral Solution ReMythe


As electrolytes (in ionic form), the minerals enable, among other things

the flow of electrical current in the body. As catalytically active metals, minerals are 

minerals are indispensable for the production of all enzymes. The fact that the 

minerals in ReMyte are present in picometer form (i.e. 1000 times smaller than nanometers), they arethey are 100% bioavailable (just like ReMag). The 

picometer magnesium (ReMag) should (because of the much higher requirement) always be the basis, it is also advisable to take the ReMyte as a supplement

and thus provide the body with other very important minerals. 

to the body. Dissolved in the body fluids, electrolytes are present everywhere in the body and are involved in all metabolic processes. Nerve and 

muscle cells are electrically and physically activated by electrolytes. They are also 

minerals are also extremely important for the function of our chakras.

Preis auf Anfrage:  +43664/3441159

The liquid ReMyte contains a total of 10 of the most important minerals for human health, vitality and well-being. These are:


Calcium, selenium, zinc, sodium, boron, magnesium, copper, manganese, chromium, potassium

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High-quality fats/oils & minerals

Zinzino Balanceoil+ to eliminate the omnipresent imbalance of fatty acids in our body and to restore healthy cell membranes as quickly as possible.


Price on request: or +43664/3441159

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