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Sabine Mörtenhuber

Spirit-, energy-, lightworker, author, radionics, kangen water and nutritional substances


There is enough energy in every human being to become healthy again. For every illness or/and condition there is a cause that needs to be addressed. No matter what concern you have, whether small or large, I will gladly accompany you.


You can find more information on:

Hintergrund Grün .bmp

Maria Schimpl

Hilfe im Alltag (help in everyday life)

Maria Schimpl mediates "everyday talents" who do simple tasks such as mowing the lawn, ironing, cooking, cleaning, repair work, small repairs or accompany people on walks, etc. for people seeking support. Even stubborn dirt and impurities built up over many years (heavy cases) are taken over and put back in order.


For more information visit the following homepage:

Hintergrund Grün .bmp
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Cornelia Raab

dein Lichtblick Grafikdesign (ray of hope graficdesign)

Cornelia Raab loves websites, graphic design, social media and everything related. Her focus is on understanding you and your needs individually, building, delivering and helping you achieve that much desired, "WOW" effect. She understands that your business as well as your brand are very personal to you, and therefore deserve to be presented in a way that matches the incomparable core of your idea and reflects your special essence. 

For more information visit the following homepage:

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