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Darkfield - Microscopy

The vital blood observation in the dark field 


Darkfield microscopy is a method for microscopic observation of blood. The microscopes have a complex, technical illumination system, with which the smallest structures can be made visible.

It is a special observation of vital blood, which can give deep insights into the current state of the blood and thus the whole organism. This procedure enables the observation of current stresses and conditions, often even before complaints have appeared through external manifestations. In this way, disease processes can be detected at a very early stage.


All it takes is a small drop of blood from the finger, which is then visualized on the microscope slide using an imaging procedure and viewed together on the screen. Thus, they immediately receive a result. The untreated blood remains on the slide for many hours and thus allows a representation of the actual condition, which comes close to the condition in the body.


This method is an ideal connection between conventional medicine and complementary, holistic view of the state of health.  The vital blood gives indications of the actual state of the organism, and is a possibility for the ideal supplement, to the conventional school-medical laboratory findings.


The vital blood can give indications of:

  • The mobility and functionality of the blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes ..)

  • Organ stress

  • Deficiency symptoms (e.g. iron deficiency, vitamin B deficiency ...)

  • Condition of the environment in the blood (is the acid-base balance in equilibrium?)

  • Actions and interactions of blood cells

  • Condition of blood components

  • Inflammatory processes in the body

  • Circulatory disorders

  • (Hidden) stress caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi (Lyme disease, Candida ...)

  • Environmental and toxic stress (heavy metals e.g. mercury/amalgam)


In case of existing burdens, we can develop further procedures and possibilities to improve the condition in a mutual conversation.


Through the method of dark field microscopy I would like to help you to take your health into your own hands.


- classified by Dr. Günther Enderlein

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