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The secret of Vianesse - intestinal rehabilitation

No supply of bifidobacteria (usually obtained from sewage sludge (!)) with food or in the form of dietary supplements, but rather the individual, from person to person very different, endogenous bifidobacteria strains with the right nutrients - the optimal food (including natural B vitamins - and thus support their rapid reproduction in a natural way. B vitamins) - and thus support their rapid multiplication in a natural way; thus achieving an optimal condition in which the "good" intestinal bacteria always have the upper hand over the "bad" intestinal bacteria. ) lactalbumin protein (with a biological value of 104), which is available in raw form and is therefore excellently bioavailable it is food, not a technically produced food supplement the product contains no substances that (such as casein, lactose, sugar, dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives) lead to allergic reactions or other negative health effects; on the contrary, the non-denatured proteins (an extreme scarcity in our today's common diet! ) and the bioavailable amino acids can be used by the body, on the one hand, to build up the healthiest muscle tissue, to break down excess fatty tissue and, on the other hand, to completely regenerate the entire immune system. A strong immune system enables the removal, neutralization and elimination of toxins, waste products and harmful substances stored in the tissue. If the immune system is very weak, almost every weight loss diet becomes a torture and the subsequent yo-yo effect is usually the logical consequence. Only when the entire intestinal musculature has been regenerated with the help of high-quality proteins can unpleasant bulges in the intestinal walls - where huge amounts of harmful substances, toxins and fungal deposits accumulate, which are a permanent burden on our immune system - be eliminated: Establishment of a healthy intestinal environment, healthy intestinal bacteria strongly predominate, strengthening of the entire body musculature (in particular also that of the intestine), elimination of unwanted deposits or also bulges of the intestine, regeneration of the immune system and thus very effective detoxification of the body, absence of the yo-yo effect when trying to lose weight, figure improvement (both with overweight and in particular with underweight), increase in performance, anti-aging, better metabolic functions and quality of life.


Healthy intestine - healthy immune system - healthy person


One can of BodyShape is made from almost 2000 liters of raw milk in organic quality (free of heavy metals, etc.). After all the casein (80% of the milk), lactose (14%) and part of the fats are removed from the milk, only 2% of the milk remains. This is an extremely valuable raw food lactalbumin concentrate of the highest biological value in terms of health, which provides the body with de facto all the amino acids and proteins that it absolutely needs to detoxify heavy metals, build muscle, firm skin and build a strong immune system.

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