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Cosmic Tower

Cosmic Tower is a product of the Chi - Balance GmbH and its managing director Harald Thiers

Since I am particularly enthusiastic and convinced of the effectiveness, I would like to offer you out of humanity, without consideration, commission or similar profit, the opportunity to learn more about it.

Act now - protect plants, animals, people and even regenerate them through a healthy life energy field!

This is made possible by the Cosmic Tower and its simplest application: unpack, find good position, ready! No assembly, no power connection, locally arbitrarily changeable, even during movement (e.g. in vehicles) - fully active.

The Cosmic Tower protects you, the animals and nature from radiation of any kind that can cause illness, such as:

  • Microwaves

  • Electrosmog

  • WLAN

  • Smart meters

  • 5G radiation

  • Scalar waves

  • Radioactivity

  • Earth rays, grids

  • Water veins

  • Mind control

  • Black magic attacks

More information can be found in the following videos or, if needed, can be provided by the Cosmic Tower

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