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The  invisible electrosmog

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, transmission towers, electrical devices, and new wireless technology affects our health by distracting hormonal and other bodily processes, sometimes to the point of shaking up our entire fabric (body and soul). 

How it all began:

It's impossible to imagine life in the 21st century without this energy source, let alone all the other technology and life-enhancing devices that have come from it.

When Thomas Edison turned on the first light bulb in 1879, it was a significant moment in world history. The flip of that switch changed our world forever and radically. The age of electric power had dawned.

But not even the genius Edison was able to foresee the worldwide health problems that would arise from his invention.

Electrostress measuring device ESM-1

Electric force fields

Power lines, transmission towers, cables and appliances generate electric and magnetic fields - so-called invisible force fields that surround every device powered by electricity. Our love of all the electrical helpers means that today we live in a dense fog of electromagnetic waves called electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Harmful influences on the organism

The problems have only been made worse by the explosion of wireless technology. This seductive wireless world emits a particular spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that harms organisms in its own unique way.

Scientific studies show that the greatest threat to our health today comes from the silent, invisible pollution of our environment called electrosmog, which can manifest itself in chronic fatigue, headaches, stress, dizziness, heart problems, learning disorders, insomnia, and Alzheimer's disease.

Electrosmog causes chaos in cells

Just imagine the chaos that occurs when communication lines break down in a large city. In the body, a very similar scenario arises in the area of the cells when the normal processes are disturbed and the message paths no longer function.

The work of the cells decreases, the cell membrane hardens, nutrients can no longer get in and toxins can no longer get out. The breakdown of healthy cellular processes leads to biological chaos in our body.

The composition of electrosmog

The 100 trillion cells of the human body communicate with each other by means of complicated, low-frequency electromagnetic signals and biochemical reactions. So if the body is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation, these cell communication pathways can be severely disrupted or even interrupted, which can lead to metabolic disorders and ultimately disease. Biological stress significantly impairs physiological processes and intercellular communication.

Measures to avoid high frequencies are:

  • Switch off the cell phone, or put it in the next room.

  • Switch off WLAN and cordless phones at least at night.

  • Make sure to place the baby phone outside the child's room.

In case of low frequencies I can measure them and inform you how to remedy the situation. If the tips are no longer sufficient, or the values cannot be "simply" lowered, there is still the possibility of deriving the frequencies with the help of an e-shield.

If you are interested in a measurement, please make an appointment with me.



For more information on the effects of electrosmog, please click here:

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