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Remote Services

Since energy follows attention, the place where energy work is done is not important. With the existing data, the vibration fields can be read, evaluated and harmonized at a distance through radionic work. It is irrelevant whether the issues are current or from earlier times. The transmission of light photons can also be transmitted over distance and serve the entire biological system. Fortunately, you can therefore enjoy your radionic application from the comfort of your own home.

The first consultation can take place either in person or by telephone. We will discuss your concerns together and make an appointment if you are interested.

At the earliest in 1-2 days after the remote transmission, the impressions and findings can be discussed with each other by phone or mail.

Bookable as remote offers are:


  • Card house of life

  • Recognize, harmonize and balance deficits, disharmonies, blockades, incompatibilities, deficiencies and much more.

  • Chakras and aura harmonization and strengthening, scar removal, regeneration support for trauma and imbalances.

  • Possible abonoments:

    • Card house of life

    • long-term radionic sessions – individual sending of current, stressful ACTUAL situations over a longer period of time (e.g. 1 year).

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